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Believe-In is a partnership of passion and compassion. We, Billy and Steven, met as volunteers with a national charity. Together we noticed there was so much more that could be done for the people in our communities. At Believe-In our vision is to offer a breadth of mental health and wellbeing services that are accessible for all. We are both fully committed to achieving our vision and therefore Believe-In offers a range of services that works around the community, and its people, to ensure an impact and a healthier Ayrshire.


Welcome to Believe-In.


Billy Findlay

Billy is our lead on 1 : 1 emotional support. He brings a wealth of experience of effective, compassionate listening having supported people of all ages and backgrounds, who have experienced distress.  He does this without casting judgement and with the person at the centre. He honed his skills as a volunteer listener at a national charity.  Billy also held various leadership positions within his local voluntary organisation.  Billy is constantly adding to his qualification and skills toolkit to ensure that he is always able to provide the best service for the people of Ayrshire and beyond.


Steven Fegan

Steven is our lead on all aspects of training and also facilitates educational talks.  Steven comes to us with not only lived experience, but with extensive experience of developing and delivering bespoke courses across all campuses of a large regional college in addition to schools and other community organisations.  Over and above his class duties he developed a number of mental health related workshops that have so far been delivered to over 1500 college staff and students.  Steven also sits on the College Board of Management.

Steven has been involved in a number of media campaigns, within print, radio and tv, speaking about mental health in addition to contributing to the Katie Columbus book "How to listen".

Steven is privileged to have been a keynote speaker at a number of national conferences.

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