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Girvan Youth Trust

This week we took a trip down the coast to meet the incredible people behind Girvan Youth Trust which owns and runs the Z1 Youth Bar, organises activities for the local community and so much more. What we saw was nothing short of awesome in terms of the facilities available to the young folk of Girvan, but also the care, dedication and willingness to go that extra mile that each of the staff and volunteers showed. Many thanks to everyone who made us welcome - highlight being the improv Hawaiian unicycle display! - but a special thanks to Lucy, Erin and Rachel. We hope this is the first of many such visits for us and the start of a constructive and worthwhile relationship.

To find out more about the wonderful work they do, find them on their socials here.

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Believe-In Keeping Wellbeing On Track

We offer a holistic range of services to help you as an individual, your company, group or team manage their own mental health and wellbeing whilst also helping you to develop and hone the skills needed to provide support to someone else.

We are able to provide a balance of 1:1 emotional support combined with the capability to deliver bespoke training sessions. Our overarching aim being to empower everyone that engages with our services.  The 1:1 service is offered with confidence, compassion and without judgement and, as with the whole business delivery, it is dynamic and innovative. 

Co-founders Billy and Steven have a great passion for Ayrshire and the people of the communities within it.  Their aim is to help drive down the number of people in the area taking their own lives by offering a service that fits with all of the people of Ayrshire.  Billy sums this up by saying “It is vitally important that everyone feels accepted, that they will be treated with respect, can be open and have a space where they are able to speak honestly with an empathic, attentive listener”.  Whilst the emotional support service is aimed primarily at those already in distress, the training and awareness sessions are there to help everyone to become more self-aware and to better manage their own, as well as their peers’, wellbeing.

We recently facilitated a wellbeing event for another local company, Nelson Track Solutions. 


This bespoke session was formulated to meet the specific needs of the company and centred around stress and the ways stress can be identified and managed.  It is important to the NTS Managing Director, Jordan Nelson, to ensure that wellbeing is more than just a tick-box exercise, and is something that people continually engage in at all levels.  Steven said “Statistics show that those in a construction type industry are 3 times more likely to complete suicide than the national average. This is something that Believe-In wants to challenge and, with people like Jordan leading the way, I believe we will get there.”

Everyone in attendance said they would definitely attend another Believe-In event, with comments like “informative and relaxed”, “I loved how interactive it was”.  The philosophy of allowing participants to be involved in their own sessions really helps them take away some practical skills whilst ensuring the sessions are informative and enjoyable.

If you or your business would benefit from any of our services please get in touch by emailing

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Photo courtesy of Fraser Kerr Street Photography - Instagram

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