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Get to Know the Cornerman

Qualified in 2017, Steven became the first, and still the only, wheelchair using Boxercise instructor in the UK.

For many years Steven has used boxing as a way of keeping fit, physically, mentally and socially and this is the ethos he nurtures at Cornerman BoxFit.

It's always good to have someone in your corner, and at Cornerman BoxFit you will always have just that.

What is BoxFit?

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Benefits of Boxfit.

BoxFit uses all the principles of boxing without punching the face or body.  A full body workout helping you to meet your health goals.

Benefits Physically:

Betters heart health

Improves balance

Improves endurance

Maintains/decreases weight

Decreases blood pressure

Benefits Emotionally:

Reduces feelings of anxiety

Reduces feelings of stress

Reduces feelings of depression

Exercise releases endorphins, feel good hormone, in addition to promoting a sense of relaxation and happiness.

Benefits to the Brain:

Enhances attention


Enhances problem Solving

Enhances memory

Enhances overall thinking

Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, in turn giving it the vital oxygen and nutrients it needs to function to its best.

Benefits Socially:

Provides camaraderie

Provides connections

Provides a support network

Provides a sense of accountability

Exercising in a group also helps to increase intensity and desire to exercise.


Currently, Cornerman BoxFit is working out of Ayrshire College, Kilmarnock Campus, KA1 3HY.

Class is at 19:15 - 20:00

More venues and times coming soon.

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